Saturday, 17 March 2012

Beautiful spring days

Slabbing the new office
We have decided to go ahead with the Easter Egg Hunt regardless! It's such a fun event and very popular, so we have great plans for a special Easter Sunday with Easter egg hunts around the gardens and nature trail, making use of the Roundhouse, crannóg and gazebos as the new Visitor Centre won't be finished. Come and enjoy, or help as a volunteer. Click here for more details.

Luckily we all get on!
Can't wait to move into the new office - here is the slabber at work, so things are really shaping up and the end is almost in sight. Meanwhile we are all squashed into one tiny space. Luckily most staff are part-time, but if we are all in together it's cosy to say the least. That's Claire on the left, who does a lot of our marketing, and Lisa in the middle who takes care of reception and the shop. On the right is Leanne, who is in the schools team and also helps with admin.
Outside, things are temporarily getting worse rather than better with Mike busy on the digger making the new patio and digging trenches for pipes.You can see the shape of the new building behind - that's all the Café dining area with its lovely big doors, windows and Veluxes - it's going to be gorgeous!
We have some great ideas for the re-launch weekend from 5th-7th May, so watch this space...

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