Thursday, 26 January 2012

The diggers move in

Action! The diggers move in
Today it poured with rain for hours, turning the new foundations into lakes that we had to hop and skip through to access the office. Ah the joys of building: mess everywhere, water and grit trampled through every room, banging noises and no gas in the cooker. But it's all worth it, we are going to have a fabulous new Visitor Centre by the end of April! 
Foundations for the bright new cafe seating..

This blog will be a fun way to record the ups and downs of the build, and hopefully to share the thrills of seeing the building take shape. Its exciting and a bit scary at times as Brigit's Garden takes a big leap forward.

I can also give you a peek at all the work that goes on behind the scenes as we struggle womanfully to keep the office going and prepare for the new Centre, heating our soup on camping gaz and coping with arctic draughts. I'll introduce you to the team and our plans for the future.

Right now I have to go to Oranmore to look at windows....

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